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You can do this too


Find an empty lot or space near you!
Make sure that the space you find isn't to far from your school/commuminty/organatzion. Also, check to see if the space you wan to use isn't owned (a pulbic space). 


Come up with a helpful idea!
Think about something that will benefit our home (Earth). Also, have an intrest in whatever idea you come up with. Becuase, if you don't like doing the resarch and thinks it's boring, it will show in your work.


Get a good support system/team


If you want to put this idea in action you need people to support you. Get everyone you can to particate. Get everyone involed! Tell everyone about your plan. 


Put your plan into action!


Once you have followed step 1-3, get your idea known! Get it out in the public.  (Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Gmail, etc.), Buy the supplies needed for the project. Also, have your team sign up for competeions. (eCyberMission Challenge or Lexus-Eco Challenge, etc.)


Work hard!


If you work hard now big success and happiness will come later! You will be rewarded with not only the joy of what yow win but also what the outcome is. Look at where you are now, then look back at yourself 5 years from now, there will be a big difference!

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